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I am the owner at Belle and Beau Salon. I have been doing hair for 5 years. Previous to owning the salon I worked at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, during my time there I became a hair cutting machine! I specialize in men’s grooming but have no limits to the master pieces I will perform. I take pride in my ability to increase one’s self esteem by changing their outward appearance.  I offer consistent customer service and provide outstanding end results to each and every one of my guests. Everyday I am working hard to achieve my dreams,  in  the near future I would like to open another location and become a National Educator for Paul Mitchell Systems.

I grew up in Montana with my family, we were large and in charge. I have 6 sibilings, including my self and my parents, there was 9 of us!! Shortly after graduating High School I made the big move to Colorado. I love living out here because there is more room for activities and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon.  When Im not slaving away at Belle & Beau I enjoy fine dining and a cinematic adventure! I am very sociable and one of my favorite past times is creating memories, hanging with friends!!


 …is my name and hair is the only game I know how to play....wait, Im actually pretty good at beer pong too!!

So.. a little about me..

I am Denver native, I eat music and listen to food, I also enjoy dancing until the breaka breaka dawn!! I have two beautiful children!! My daughter Reegan has a BIG brother named Zane.. They are the reason I keep on keeping on. I treat my co-workers and clients as if they were my family, and you’re in luck, because my family is my number one priority... I’ve learned over the years to never sell myself short!! I go after what I want, and make the best of what I’ve got!

My professional career began in 2010 when I attended Empire Beauty School. It turns out; I was hardwired to do hair!! As I was growing up I always dreamt of the place I would work at, I imagined it to have a authentic vibe, and personal atmosphere. Belle & Beau Salon is everything I imagined and more!!! Because of that, I love waking up and going to work every day. I specialize in Men's Grooming, Color, and Updo's.. Basically, the hair doctor is in!



I am a Colorado Native, I have lived all over the state but resided in Denver since 2008. I began doing hair in Feb of 2011. I went to Emily Griffith to pursue a career in Cosmetology because I needed another medium to profit. I like to use hair styling as a creative outlet.
In my free time I like to escape reality by painting. I mainly focus on acrylic, abstracts, or portraits!
I enjoy breaking the cultural norms and exploring creativity. I love transforming all types of hair, cutting, styling, and coloring, but I specialize in short hair cuts.      


WhhhaattUpp?!? The name is Emily Jayne and…I LOVE TO DO HAIR AND MAKEUP!

I have lived in Colorado for 22 years of my 23 year existence, so.. Denver is my home! After a brief year in college, I decided to make a dramatic change in my life and go to cosmetology school! I started at Paul Mitchell the School of Denver in November of 2010, throughout my time in beauty school I joined Take Home team and was a part of accelerated Phase II program. My extracurricular achievements helped me to become a take home professional and excel in learning Paul Mitchell Systems!  I graduated in December of 2011.  I have become a master at blow outs and different color placements..

When I am not doing hair, I enjoy dancing and going to museums. I love music and playing my guitar, because of this obsession you can usually find me wearing a band tee.


Ello Friends!! My name is Chelsea Lassaline and I am the most recent addition to the Belle & Beau crew. I could honestly not be more excited about my new career!!  I am a hair cutting specialist, colorists, stylist, and makeup artist. I specialize in collaborative photo shoots and also have a background in skin care and professional airbrushing.

I started at Paul Mitchell the school of Denver in July of 2011 and I graduated with Honors in September of 2012. While I was in school I set goals, and achieved every single one of them.. I made it into Phase II, which is an accelerated learning program, I mastered the cutting system, and I won an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for Capers! Paul Mitchell became more than just a product to me, it became a lifestyle. After graduating from PMTSD I continued to set goals for myself. One of my main goals was to start my career with a company who would give me enough freedom to be myself, while also allowing me to grow, gifting me with endless opportunities. Here at Belle & Beau I found exactly that, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team. As we become inspired and dedicated we realize that the possibilities are endless- I will be starting with your head and working my way into your heart.   I simply love being a “hairapist.” I believe there is beauty everywhere, and that same beauty lies within everyone. I also believe that when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good the possibilities of fulfillment and achievement are endless.  So I take the on the responsibility of making that beauty radiate from the inside out. 
This journey has helped define who I am and is helping me become who I want to be.  Along with my profession in the beauty industry I would like to expand myself to giving back and helping others find their own passion and happiness.  In the future I am aspiring to be a motivational and success coach. Please join all of us on our adventures and come spend some time with us at the salon!!

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